Pikolinos is a Spanish shoe brand that forms part of the Pikolinos Group, a company whose activities range from tanning leather to production to having their own shops.
From its launch, Pikolinos has had a strong international outlook, taking it into over 60 countries across the globe and leading to the export of over 80% of its production.
crafted production
Our products are defined by their prime material, the leather. We manage and process the tanning of all our leathers in-house, to ensure that they always maintain the same essence. It's our calling card. Crafted production, with a traditional history... we are different, we are Pikolinos.
Mr Juan Perán Ramos is the founder and current CEO of the Pikolinos Group. The brand has been in the Perán family since it was created in 1984. This family business has a professional organisation and a young, multitalented, international team of over 10 different nationalities, bringing Pikolinos freshness and new outlooks adapted to our markets.
A solid team that promotes sustainable growth and that will enable us to face new challenges
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